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Paris - Tour Jean-Sans-Peur

La Tour Jean Sans Peur - One of the few medieval buildings still standing in Paris this "tower of John the Fearless" was once part of a magnificent mansion, now gone.  But today the tower is a reminder of those days and holds both permanent and rotating exhibitions relating to this historic period of the city. Climb the spiral staircase and view the exhibits and imagine what Paris was like when it was all in this style before the modernizations of Baron Haussmann.   Entry fee of 5 Euros with discounts for children. Opening times are in the afternoon line from 1:30, and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays as well as at Christmas through New Year. Guided tours for an extra fee are available on weekends with a minimum of 5 people, larger groups need to book in advance. website





Passage du Grand-Cerf - In 1825 or before, the date is not exactly known, this passage first opened though in 1831 documents still describe the Passage as being under construction. It is therefore not known when between 1845 and 1825 the passage truly dates from but like many of passages of Paris it has had good times and bad, and this is now very much one of the good times.  Visit today to see extraordinary jewelry and fine furnishings designed to cater to the sophisticated tastes of those who live in central Paris. Find it at the end of rue Marie-Stuart, find the side street between Bianco and Le Compas d'Or oposit the Pharmacy. website

Rue de la Paix - This fashionable shopping street is a great contrast to the lively daily food shopping of rue Montorgueil, but no less fascinating for the visitor.  Opened first in 1802 it was part of the Napoleonic plan for the city, and now houses high class jewelers and top rank fashion boutiques.  Find here the original location of Cartier, a historic fan maker and high fashion hats.  Walk west along either rue Etiene Marcel then rue des Petits Champs, cross over avenue de l'Opera onto rue Danielle Casanova and after two more blocks you are there.

Galerie Vivienne - Just ten minutes walk away down the rue la Feuillade this covered shopping walkway is known for it's terraazo tiled floors, its fine boutiques for both ladies and men as well as the interior decorations for the house. Don't also miss the clocks of Garde-Temps or the books of Librairie Jousseaume.  website

Passage des Panoramas - One of the oldest, perhaps the oldest, of the Passages of Paris this hidden gem was named after some Panoramas that were lost over a 100 years ago.  What is not lost is the sense of charm and the bright light through the glass ceiling glancing off the goods proudly displayed in the small shops inside.  Today it is a conglomerate of a number of separately named Passages, including Galerie des Vari�t�s, Galerie Saint Marc and Galerie Montmartre, all combined together into one festival and retail extravaganza! Just ten minutes north take the Rue Reaumur then turn right into the rue Monmarte.  The galleries are behind the Le Balto bar and tabac, keep to your left and walk 20 meters more and you will find the very modest entry to the Passage des Panoramas which does not at all hint at the luxury found within.  website


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