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About rue Montorgueil

The finest of the permanent market streets of Paris this lively narrow alleyway is jam packed full of food, whether to buy to take home to cook, or to eat while you walk, or to sit down and eat.  Nowhere can you see how food and drink are integral parts of Parisian life more than here on rue Montorgueil.  But it is more than just food, with textiles, hardware, souvenirs and it is truly a whole life in a street.  And of course the life walks past, so there are tables on the pavement outside each cafe so that you can enjoy that essential Parisian occupation, people watching!  With busy crowds day and night, though with different atmospheres of course, it is a 24x7 place to visit in the city.  Less than 500m long it still seems to be an entire village in one, and of course the Montorgueil area extends beyond the road itself to the neighboring fascinating side streets and passages.




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